Privacy Policy

When a customer hits our website in order to make any purchase the basic and essential information is required of the customer so that we can track the customer and avoid any inconvenience. Plus this is essential to make the payments and deliver the product to the customer. This is the customer’s right to know how we get information and what we do with that and also make customers sure that our policy is to keep their private information 100% secure and will not share to anyone.

Information we collect

When a customer presses the buy button and wants to purchase any product there is a form demanding basic information of the customer pops up. To buy the product the basic information is required in which includes the person’s name, gender, email address, postal address, telephone number, and payment details. In order to deliver the product and get the payment, we need that information which is secured.

What do we do with your Information?

We share your delivery address to the affiliate delivery company to deliver the product at your doorstep. Moreover, your payment information is used to verify your account and make transactions for the specified product you purchase. We collect data to make records of our visitors and their browsing habits and track what they need and in search of so that we can provide that too.

Furthermore, with your permission, we use your email or contact number to notify you about the latest promotions and ongoing sales on our website. If you don’t need any promotional texts or emails you can unsubscribe. The email address and contact number is secured and will not be shared with third parties without your permission.

We assure you that your personal information like address, contact number, and bank details will not be shared by anyone and request you to not share with anyone as we are only responsible for the inconvenience from our side. When you sign in to our website your data will be saved there and you are in no need to enter the whole data when you log in again. We take responsibility for your information security but you need to provide us the exact and right information to avoid inconvenience.

Third Parties and Links

We transfer your basic information to the third parties related to us to verify your bank details in order to avoid any fraud or misleading, they also verify your transaction for placed order. These third parties have their own privacy policies so it is better to read their policies too to avoid any issues. Furthermore, we also share your delivery address and contact number to the delivery company so they can locate you and deliver your product at your doorstep and if lost they will contact you through the given contact number.

Moreover, there are few of the ads on to the website which may lead you to another website and if you buy something from there we are not responsible for any information you provide to them. It is better that you read their privacy policy too as we are only responsible for the activity on PkGator.Com.

How we Protect your Personal Information?

When you provide your personal information we take appropriate precautionary measures to protect your data. We do our best to avoid any lost, misused, destroyed and disclosure of any information. We collect your information through a secure server and put security and technical firewalls to avoid any disclosure of your data. We use secure socket layer technology (SSL) and stored with AES-256 encryption and your credit or debit card information is secured under these firewalls. Plus under our security policy you sometimes also need to prove your identity through a few security questions or by verifying your contact number or email address.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are the text files which have been automatically installed in your device storage when you visit the website. These cookies help us to grab your data, your search interests, last visited web pages. Through cookies, we get to know your information, IP address, the system you are using to avoid any fraud and to save your preferences for the future visit on our site.

You can also unable the cookies from the setting but several of the features may not work properly for you as they will also be unable with cookies. We don’t use cookies to save your bank information it only helps us to target the products you have searched the most and saves it.

Future Changings in Privacy Policy

Hereafter, we so and on increase and change our privacy policy. The policy about your provided information and consent can be changed frequently and will be updated here for your assistance. You must visit our privacy policy so and on so that you can be aware of your privacy.