Resolution Centre

If you are having any issues or queries regarding any product, delays, returns or need any other help you have several ways to contact PkGator and you will receive the comprehensive support to resolve any issue.


  • Firstly you can send the message mentioning your issue to our Customer Support Team they will get back to you instantly and resolve the query.
  • If it is not solved, then you can simply e-mail to . The problem will be solved within 7 days.
  • The third option you have in case of no response, you can be connected via our contact number 03004235757. We will take the immediate action but the proceeding will take further 14 working days. If the issue is complex and needs further investigation it might take 28 days more to solve the problem.


But please be patient and supportive and above given time frames are just standard and we are quicker than give standard time frames.

We will admire you to have patience and stay in touch with us during all this issue resolution process.