Terms & Conditions


PKGATOR is the largest online shopping platform having their own products and products of other sellers too. Here are some terms and conditions for visiting, buying or selling on this website which you have to accept before going further. If you don’t accept these terms and conditions you will be unable to further use it or make yourself registered on PKGATOR.

We request you to read all the Terms and Conditions carefully once before using this website. Moreover, we have the right to add any of the new features into these conditions and also in store policy; it will be mentioned on this page. It is your responsibility to check this page often and get yourself updated about new updates and changes.

User’s Account

On PkGator.com if you need to buy something you have to register yourself by providing the basic information like Name, Address, Contact Number and email address. Moreover, to get all the updates about latest promotions and sales you have the option to subscribe on this website so you get notified about latest happenings. However, when you buy something you need to provide your bank details and we have the right to examine whether it’s fake or not. Here you accept this condition that we are not responsible for any suspicious activity on your account if it got leaked from your side. We will not bear any loses if you have lost any information like username or password of your account.

User Submission

The User Submission means by the reviews, comments, and questions you submit on to our site. Here you agree that your submission is collectively our property and we can anytime delete, modify, change and edit the submissions and your claim on this will not be entertained. However, you agree not to mislead us by providing any fake details about yourself, in that case, we have the authority to take action against it.


We are not responsible for the information different vendors and sellers provided on any product. We often change the description and information of the products and also make amendments in policies too. You need to check the description again and policies too as we are not responsible for this. The prices of the products can be changed anytime without giving any notice we have the right to modify any content any time and you agree here that this is your responsibility to check the updates.

Products or Services

We have a complete return policy which you can go through, so you agree to return the limited products only in accordance to our return policy which has few rules. The products you see on the website are might be slightly different in colour as we don’t know how your device shows you the colour contrasts and we are not responsible for and will not return if you don’t find the accurate colours of the products. Meanwhile, we do our best to show you the accurate item and deliver it with accuracy.

Moreover, we have the right to restrict our sale and delivery to a few cities/destinations and restrict the number of products during sales. Plus we have many sellers and vendors on our website and we adhere to inform you that PKGATOR is not responsible for their products, information, warranty, material, and quality. They have their own policies you have to go through to their policies and description before placing the order.

Order Acceptance

You accept this condition that the website can cancel your order anytime for any reason and this will happen if we find any suspicious activity or information you provided. For the further proceedings, we will verify your account and personal Credit or Debit Card details and you also have to confirm your identity.

However, to avoid any fraud we reserve the right to verify your address, contact number and other details and to verify yourself you might be asked for bank details, place of residence or identity card. If you will not be able to verify any of the documents within 2 days the site will cancel your order immediately and deactivate your account.

We take all measures to make the prices of the products accurate but there might be errors sometimes. If the prices of products displayed inaccurate and you place the order, we have the right to cancel your order and we will also notify you about the cancellation reason of the order. We will also notify you for further accurate prices and in case your order has been placed we will reverse your amount to your account after cancelling the order.

Third Party

You may find the various links on our website which will lead you to the other websites which are not affiliated with us. All websites have their own policies and we are not responsible for their content, prices, materials, quality, and services. They have their own privacy policies too and before making an account or buying something on their website you should go through to their privacy policy once as we will not be responsible for any inconvenience or damages. The complaints about third parties will not be entertained by us and will be directed to third parties.

Feedback and Other Submissions

You agree that you will not violate the right of any third party by using their trademark, privacy, and copyright in comments publically or personally. We have the right to edit and delete your comments which violates any privacy and includes abusive content, pornography, threatening, offensive, or revealing any privacy. You hereby accept that you will not use any harmful virus or other malware which may affect the services of our website. Plus you accept to provide accurate information about yourself and will not mislead by using fake names and giving fake bank details. In that case, we reserve the right to take rapid action against you.

Termination of the Agreement

You can only go further if you accept all these terms and conditions we have mentioned here. In future, if you have any issue with our added point on this page you have the right to terminate this agreement by notifying us that you are no longer going to use our services. Likewise, if we find you for going against these terms and conditions we have the right to terminate your agreement without noticing you.

Law and Jurisdiction

The laws of Pakistan shall govern the Terms and Conditions of using this Site, and shall be interpreted accordingly. Should you choose to continue using this Site, you accept the jurisdiction of Pakistan’s court and laws while waving any objection on the basis of venue.

Service Changing

We reserve the right to update, change, replace or edit any part of the Terms and Conditions any time and also can change the content, prices, description and posting on our website anytime. You agree to take responsibility to check all the updates of this website. We will be clear enough about our policies and rules and will often update them and you agree to accept all the future changes.